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Slide we are always ready to help whenever you need us! First month of cloud backup FREE when you signup for our premium service plan today! We manage the IT you manage your business Learn More or Call (239) 317-1275 we are always ready to help whenever you need us! First month of cloud backup FREE when you signup for our premium service plan today! We manage the IT you manage your business Learn More or Call (239) 317-1275

Let's face it, the world has now changed drastically. How you manage your information, and the technology supporting it, also has to change.

The IT industry has forever changed due to the recent impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and whether you realize it or not, your business IT has also been impacted.  The increased use of home computing via VPN, or in some cases RDP, is requiring business to now make the investment into more rigorous solutions to protect the company assets regardless of where they are.If you are continuing to use what was in place before, then it may already be too late.

If you have improved your IT footprint, congratulations on taking the first steps.  Most organisations say their people are the most important asset, six months ago was when you needed to have that policy in place.

Not every business needs to make company crippling investments in IT, but taking time to review and evaluate how your company IT needs have changed and any actions you may need to take is a prudent investment in your company's future. 

We can help get you started by providing the guidance needed to ensure you're not wasting money or sacrificing your remote work force to slow performance and data transfer risks or inviting hackers.

Front door Locked?

Are you sure your edge security is up to the task, have you checked lately?  What are you doing to ensure no one is peeking around inside your network right now?

Many companies, large and small, believe they can just masquerade their IP address and the bad guys won't bother them.

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Remote workforce Safe?

If you have never managed a remote work force, now using home PC's or laptops, you may not be aware of the risks you are taking.   Is the traffic encrypted, think you're safe just because you are using VPN?

Think again, this technology is decades old and you just turned it on in a rush to get people working!

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How often are you testing ?

Most companies have plans - Backup Plans, Continuity Plans, Disaster Plans and they even have the work instructions to ensure everyone knows what to do when IT happens.

When was the last time you tested these plans?  Are these plans only theory? Were they developed before COVID-19?

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